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Questa sezione riassume le principali competenze professionali sviluppate e le expertise nel campo dell’energia, incentrate sulle capacita analitiche approfondite, conoscenza empirica dei mercati energetici, conoscenza professionale del campo regolatore, competenze pratiche nello sviluppo del business, supporto e rappresentanze nei processi giudiziari, competenza nelle tecnologie energetiche, ecc.

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6 Aprile

Personal Blog

This blog aims to summarize the professional past expertise’s and serve as a central hub for any ongoing direct involvement in the energy sector. 3,468,985 Visite totali, 3 visite odierne
6 Gennaio

ESCo Adriatic

ESCo Adriatic is a professional network of experts, organizations and companies interested in the energy services market in Albania. 326,584 Visite totali, 3 visite odierne
21 Ottobre


Qendra Shqiptare për Rregullimin dhe Konservimin e Energjisë – ACERC is a think tank centre with focus on the 8th regional area IEM area and particularly WBs and Albania. 34,548,811 Visite totali, 3 visite odierne
14 Marzo

Albanian Energy Market – AEM

AEM founded as observer provider, focused in energy law and policy & related strategic issues. 459,093 Visite totali, 3 visite odierne

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