Litigation Support

Once an energy-related issue escalates to the point of litigation, a very specialized set of skills are required in order to prevail. Some of the my competences has been focus in energy-related litigation events in arbitration and state judicial actions, regulatory interventions, legal defences, and in many other forms of litigation.

The above assure to have all the skills important in assuring the optimal outcome for our issues.

Litigation support skills that include, among others:

Evidentiary Research and Analysis

Comprehensive Understanding of Judicial Procedure

Significant Assistance in Discovery Including Deposition, Interrogatories, Document Requests, and More

Accurate and Defensible Damage Calculations

Settlement and Mediation Negotiations

Arbitration Process and Proceedings

Motion Analysis Including Complaints, Amended Complaints, Motions to Dismiss and Answers

Deposition and Testimony Preparation

Jurisdictional Considerations

Non-Medical Forensic Analysis

Law Enforcement Process and Procedure, etc.

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