Energy Technologies

In the current energy sector, the predominant driving force changing the entire landscape is the development of cost-effective emerging energy technologies. The development of many of these technologies is a threat to the current business models of traditional energy entities including electric utilities, electric generation companies, energy fuel markets, and others.

The staggering and rapid pace of these developments has accelerated over the last few years and promises to be very disruptive. Some of my competences on these technologies includes:

Conventional and Unconventional Technologies


Solar Photovoltaics

Gas Turbines

Combined Cycle Power Plants




Transformative Technologies


Battery and Fuel Cell Technologies

Aggregation of Distributed Energy Resources

Management of Intermittent Resources

Power to Gas Technology Strategies

Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier

Carbon Capture and Storage

Microgen Combined Heat & Power

Advanced Combustion

Solid State Transformers, etc.

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