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The market analyse requires a great deal of empirical data, in guiding decisions management of energy issues. It is very important that these analytics are done in a highly competent and professional manner that can be reported on with a degree of sophistication that is commensurate with the magnitude of the issue. Only a professional base day work in Albanian energy market, can offer those deep analytical skills that can ground the decision-making on an accurate and granular level.

The above most include, among others: Breakdowns of Historic, Current, and Projected Energy Usage; Sensitivity Analyses; Definition of Realistic Options; Energy Conversion Calculations; Capital and Operating Cost Integration and Amortization; Pro Forma Projections and Scenario Analyses; General Project Economics Including Conventional, Renewable, and Grid-Based Technologies; Sophisticated and Defensible Damage Calculations; Value of Hedging Strategies and Derivative Positions; Oil and Gas Royalty Evaluation; Marginal Cost Analysis, etc.

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