This section summarizes my 10-year capacity and experience in the energy sector! An experience, related with energy and sustainable development policies through an interdisciplinary academic approach with a technical-normative applied vocation, and a particular emphasis on renewable investments and efficient use of resources, regulation of the energy market under the perspective of European integration, etc.

An activity that based to a strong academic and professional background, to briefly be summarise, as follows:

– Full university and postgraduate studies in juridical and political sciences, overseas residential at the University of Turin, monthly period at the University Nancy 2 (France), Postgraduate Diploma at the University Institute of European Studies. Degree in Deep European Studies (DASE) at the European College of Parma, etc.

– Doctorate of Philosophy residential full-time at the University of Pavia, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (Germany), University of Padua, Florence School of Regulation (Florence), among three co-tutors Prof. Dr. Aleks Luarasi, completed with the rating “excellent” and supported by the scholarship of Italian Foreign Affairs for entire period.

– Work experience, among others, at the International Labour Organization (ILO), five Albanian Universities, University of Pavia, Placement at the University of Nantes (France) with Dean Prof. Gilles Dumont, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, consultant and lawyer in Albania and abroad, etc.

– High-level legal expertise on energy issues, local and regional electricity and natural gas market, first with the Legal Observatory Albanian Energy Market – Aem (2013), Co-Founder of the Albanian Energy Regulatory and Conservation Center (2013), Director of the Legal Office at the Albanian Renewable Energy Association – AREA, co-editor of Energy World Magazine, Regulation, Investment & Trading, Essegei SpA, Energy Services Company Adriatic – ESC Adriatic (2017) and Legal Advisor at EuroElektra.

Timeline Lorenc Gordani’s

April 6

Personal Blog

This blog aims to summarize the professional past expertise’s and serve as a central hub for any ongoing direct involvement in the energy sector.  3,471,847 total views,  5 views today
January 6

ESCo Adriatic

ESCo Adriatic is a professional network of experts, organizations and companies interested in the energy services market in Albania.  329,576 total views,  5 views today
October 21


Qendra Shqiptare për Rregullimin dhe Konservimin e Energjisë – ACERC is a think tank centre with focus on the 8th regional area IEM area and particularly WBs and Albania.  34,551,720 total views,  5 views today
March 14

Albanian Energy Market – AEM

AEM founded as observer provider, focused in energy law and policy & related strategic issues.  462,014 total views,  5 views today

Furthermore, on above expertise, may be find a part at the Professional Blog or the curriculum vitae in English and Albanian, through ESC Adriatic (along 2017), Acerc (for the period up to 2016), as well as through the public profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and FB, or publications on LinkedIn (and after April 2018)  Albanian Energy Market – AEM Group, etc.

The above has recently found expression in the pedagogic profile, at the full-time postgraduate course for “Energy Audit”. A continuous training program on energy auditing profiles, concentrate in energy processes, energy auditing in buildings, energy auditing in transportation, at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Metropolitan University Tirana, during the academic year 2017-2018.

Based on the top above expertise gained in the field of energy, engagements and current professional interests focused on the in-depth analytical skills, empirical knowledge of energy markets, professional knowledge of the regulatory field, practical skills in business development, support and representation in judicial processesexpertise in energy technologies, etc.

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