The goal of having a holistic overview of the progress of the internal energy market makes inevitable to maintain and update as a whole, through direct contacts in all the events that see the energy sector. To this end, this section intends to reflect the various participations in the meetings concerning the energy sector, which see us interested in one way or another.

3rd Annual International Summit “Hydropower Balkans 2019”

3rd Annual International Investment Summit and Exhibition “Hydropower Balkans 2019” Date: 7-8 November 2019 Venue: Belgrade, Serbia Organiser: Vostock Capital Dear Partners and Colleagues, We’re delighted to announce the being part as advisory board of the Hydropower Balkans 2019, after the successful participation at the Summits 2018 and 2017. Participations that have seen the kept […]

European EV Charging Summit

European EV Charging Summit Date: 5th-6th June 2019 Location: London – UK Dear Partners and Colleagues, It is a great pleasure to communicate, the forthcoming ACI’s European EV Charging Summit, to take place in London, UK, on 5th & 6th June 2019. The conference will give updates on the drivers and trends of the quickly […]

CISOLAR 2019: New Opportunities for Developing Solar Energy

CISOLAR 2019 submit new opportunities for developing solar energy in Central and Eastern Europe Dear Partners and Colleagues, It is a great pleasure to communicate, the forthcoming 8th International Solar Energy Conference and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe on April, 16-18 in Kyiv. CISOLAR 2019 is the main business event of region in […]

Granting rights and A&M approach to HPPs

Granting rights and A&M approach to HPPs Annalise by Dr Lorenc Gordani Legal Adviser in Albania Energy Market Today, Albanian total installed capacity in hydropower hasreached at 2100 MW. Further, projects granted, but yet not developed, at 1785MW, and the hydropower potential studied, still unexploited, at around 615 MW.Therefore, in a synthesis, considering the theoretical […]

Quo vadis hydropower?

Quo vadis hydropower? Clean Energy package, Water Framework Directive, Energy Union   Actual political development at RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO, November 29th and 30th, Salzburg Salzburg, November 2018: Hydropower is a major contributor to generating renewable power in the European Union: more than 50% of the electricity generated from renewable energy sources comes from hydropower plants. However, hydropower […]

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