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Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD

Law Adviser in Energy Policy, Regulation & Infrastructure

Lorenc professional activities areas covers the legal strategic expertise, the applied research and capacity building in EU and Albania Energy Law and Policy for industry and interest groups, public authorities, and international institutions, with particular focus on the market design and related policy issues, concerning the promotion of a sustainable integration of energy market in the Western Balkans.

Academic education and qualification have taken place entirely in Italy, Germany, France, etc. Following of which it has worked as researcher, professor and trainer at national and international level and engaged as legal advisor and a consultant of international and local companies and public authorities. Activities accompanied with a publication of large extensively bibliography on EU and Albania law implementation particularly on energy law and policy field.

Furthermore, on above expertise, may be find a curriculum vitae in English and Albanian, or through ESC Adriatic (for period before 2017), Acerc (for the period up to 2016), as well as through the public profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and FB, or publications on LinkedIn,  Albanian Energy Market – AEM Group, etc.

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