Meeting B2B on “Commercial and regulatory aspects of photovoltaic for self-consumption in Albania”

Meeting B2B on “Commercial and regulatory aspects of photovoltaic for self-consumption in Albania

Prepared by Dr Lorenc Gordani

Head of the Department of Professional Masters

Tirana Business University (TBU)

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On November 23, 2021, Cooperation Development Institute (CDI) organized the meeting B2B (business-to-business) on “Commercial and regulatory aspects of photovoltaic for self-consumption in Albania” in the framework of the INTERREG IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro programme project ENEA – Energy Efficiency living lab – implemented by CDI Albania in cooperation with CE.F.A.S and Expeditio.

This workshop aimed to foster cooperation among the business in the field of photovoltaic (PV) for self-consumption (DER) in Albania, focusing on the issues of regulatory and trade that business interest more in their work, to meet the European standards for candidate countries like Albania and generate an optimal working environment for all parties involved in the energy sector.

The workshop took place in the premises of Tirana Business University (TBU), and it hosted a large number of different stakeholders, mainly from businesses, as well as public companies, experts in the field, academics, etc.

Meeting that saw the greeting of Artan Hoxha, General Administrator TBU, who expressed his willingness in support of the development of these activities as a priority in the institution’s approach he leads to cooperate with all business actors. Then, Inva Nela, Project Manager, CDI/ENEA Project Coordinator, presented the role of CDI and the main profiles of the activity.

Further, key discussions were held by crucial executives and representatives of leading companies in the sector, such as Bruno Papaj, CEO Vega Solar, which presented the main requirements arising from the current practice, which would bring significant cost reduction for businesses that will undertake these investments.

Armand Skuqi, CEO of Solar Energy Solutions, touched on some of the practical and technical problems of these investments and referred to the experience with public authorities, which, without less difficulty, has begun to address valuable solutions in this regard.

In her presentation, Ing. Sidorela Kaçi, from the Panels Besi, touched on some of the critical business issues of great interest for participants and specific solutions offered by its company.

Ing. Xheni Bushka, from the EuroElektra, brought the company’s long experience and a presentation on a hybrid solution offered to the Coca-cola Company, looking at panel placement and charging of electric cars.

In conclusion, Lorenc Gordani, Lecturer and Advisor on Energy Law, brought an overview of the sector’s expected developments and some proposals for its sustainable development.

The presentations were also followed by referrals from a partner from Montenegro, and representative from Kosovo, etc. Presentations were accompanied by an open and extensive discussion with the business community and finally concluded with a Coffee Break.

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