A snapshot on the hydropower sector in Albania

A snapshot on the hydropower sector in Albania

Author: Dr Lorenc Gordani

Legal Adviser in Albania Energy Market

sector by dr lorenc gordani snapshot on the hydropower sector hydropower sector by dr lorenc dr lorenc gordani hydropower sector by dr

The attempt to provide a clear picture on the developments of granted projects in hydropower is rather difficult task. First due to their large number of projects and extension in time with different regime and the occasionally public reports that have create a confusion about the total figures – at least for who do not manage every day the matter.

However, referring to official data on concessions (that do not include authorisation procedure) of the last report of NANR, and further the one of MIE on March 2018, as well as the report of ERE June 2018, it can be roughly said:

▶ Total installed capacity reached around the 2,100 MW, with the new capacities for around 700 MW;

▶ Concession warded and yet to start their development in practice (then potentially looking for financing partnership) above 1,700 MW[1] and authorisation warded approximate 44 MW (within the October 2017).

In more detail, in total there are 194 concessions for the construction of about 540 HPPs. Up to February 2018, by above only 27% of them have been installed, which represent 31% of the projected generation, which is only 43% of the electricity consumption forecasted in 2020. Authorization request for SHPP by 2 MW, in the last two years have reached the level of 210, even this category has had a strong acceleration along the summer 2017, but awarded seen only around 22 MW. MIE expectation on the construction increase stage of HPP’s is by about 8% of hydro production within 2020.

▶ Albania is known for its large unexploited hydropower potential; by our estimation, there are further potential capacity available to be exploit up to 1,000 MW.

In summary, related to the water potential Albania is valuated per capita the second in the whole Europe. Consider the theoretical potential energy 4500 MW if the all potential is exploit with high efficiency there is a possibility of an annual potential production up to 11-14 TWh. However, today only 43% of hydroelectric energy potential is currently being utilized. Nerveless, the above has made that the country offer lower costs (ref. LCOE) of hydro production in region starting with an average by 35 Euro/MWh.

[1] An approximately data, based to our calculation on the latest official documents consider the ones awarded, the already build as well as the ones cancelled.

Disclaimer: The ownership and the opinion expressed pertain to the author. While all the effort are made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advices as individual situations may differ and should be discussed with an expert. For any specific technical or legal advice on the information provided and related topics, contact us through “lorenc_gordani@albaniaenergy.org”.

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