New markets for hydropower

New markets for hydropower

Western Balkans partner region of RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO, European hydropower trade fair and congress, November 29th and 30th, Salzburg

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Salzburg, August 2018: The Western Balkan region has the largest remaining unexploited hydropower potential in Europe, as its river catchments have remained largely undeveloped. The region has an estimated 80,000 GWh technical potential, which is concentrated in the mountainous regions of Montenegro and Albania.

As the region tries to limit greenhouse-gas emissions in line with EU goals, it could see the increased co-generation of biomass and gas with coal, while also promoting the development of renewable energies, mainly focusing on hydropower. Bosnia and Herzegovina has about 3,500 MW of unused hydropower potential. Macedonia about 5500 GWH, of which only about 27% are used. Montenegro, although it is only a small country, has an abundance of hydropower resources.

The planned re-commissioning of 15 small hydropower plants in Serbia is another example of the rapid developments in this region. And even in mountainous Albania the first projects of international small-scale hydropower investors have already been realized. (Source:

At the “1st summit and business matching Invest in Balkan Region” at November 30th, there will be presentations about the situation in each of the Western Balkan countries, as well as details of both planned and realized projects, together with financing and the legal and fiscal aspects of hydropower.

The event will show potential investors the market opportunities, and will enable them  to learn from already realized projects as well as make new contacts to advance hydropower in the Balkan region. Having the Western Balkans as a partner region, this year´s RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO will focus on networking between Western and Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, the 2nd Eastern European Forum will pick up actual challenges and possibilities for hydropower. The Forum will present country reports, the legal framework, economic feasibility as well as ecological aspects in the whole of Eastern Europe.

Further topics at the conference will be actual frame conditions, components of power plants, energy storage, direct marketing and flexibility. The 3rd European Association meeting this time will not only strengthen international networking, but also connect the huge and the small hydropower sector.

At the trade fair, well known companies will show the whole value chain – all types of turbines, generators, gaskets, pipes and further components of hydropower plants, power plant regulation, project handling, maintenance and plant optimizing, measuring and controlling equipment, as well as power trading and direct marketing.

The RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO, Europe´s trade fair and congress for hydropower on 29th and 30th November in Salzburg, addresses those active in the hydropower field, from trade and industry, authorities and municipalities, politics and science, as well as universities and academic institutions from all over the world. About 125 exhibitors, 500 congress attendees, and 2,500 visitors are expected.

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